For the five men that make up the band Slammin Jack, fate has brought them together from various parts of Canada through an unexpected series of events that has lifted them to a totally astonishing pinnacle as a unit. Their growing multi-dimensional sound stems from strong roots in rock, jazz, funk, trance and bluegrass. Slammin Jack consists of Rich Martin (guitar and vocals), Scott Daniels (keyboards and vocals), Martin Ayerst (bass and vocals), Sean Scallion (drums and vocals) and Jeffrey Kornblum (percussion).

Slammin Jack morphs and blends syncopated rhythms, four part harmonies, cunning lyrics and contagious grooves to create beautifully crafted music that is both unique and dynamic. The boys have earned a reputation as a live, touring band that delivers a heavy punch spiked with funky grooves and bold explosive jams. The most distinctive thing about a Slammin Jack performance is the powerful symbiotic relationship that forms between the musicians and the audience. Their driving eclectic mix and radical spontaneity appeals to fans and has rewarded the band with a strong and loyal following. Slammin Jack intends to keep it as real as it gets by ‘maintaining a standard of weirdness and ever-evolving progress’.

Deemed ‘one of BC’s hardest working bands’, Slammin Jack continues to infect unsuspecting dance floors all across the land. In just over two years, Slammin Jack has embarked on two cross-Canada tours, headlined at the Edge of the World Music Festival (Queen Charlotte City) and for two consecutive years at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival (Vancouver, BC). They also took part in the Evolve 4 Music Festival in Antigonish, NS, the Close to the Coast Festival (Charlottetown, PEI) and the Come Together Music Festival in Waterford, ON. August 2003 marked the release of their debut album ‘a day late, a dollar short’ which was produced by West Coast sound guru, Shawn Cole. The album climbed to #6 on !EARSHOT'S Jazz charts (published by the National Campus and Community Radio Association of Canada and ranking is based on airplay).

With guns blazing, they hit the road once again and if you’re lucky, you'll have the chance to get Slammed!

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"... Slammin Jack are fast-becoming the hottest improv/groove act to come out of Vancouver in a very long time." - Derek Arrowsmith, Upstream Entertainment, Vancouver, BC.

"... Slammin Jack have brought many epic nights of musical splendor to a growing Vancouver community of jam lovers. The live music scene here has improved 100% after the first SJ gig." - Jennifer Boucher, SL. Feldman & Assoc.

" ...Slammin Jack never fail to kick my ass each and every time I see them play. These guys take you to another level, where all musical pretense and expectations get washed away in a soundscape of pure bliss, leaving you free to engulf yourself in the sounds and feel of their beautifully crafted compositions."

" ...every time I see Slammin Jack I need a change of pants." - Keith Duggan, Discover Entertainment, Vancouver, BC.