Slammin Jack Show taping policy: Slammin Jack strongly supports and encourages non-profit taping, trading and distribution of live Slammin Jack shows and would like to thank those who help spread the word. The only thing we ask is that we get a copy of said recording upon request and we reserve the right to use said recording as we see fit. Cheers, Jack.

SAMPLE TRACKS from Slammin Jack's 2003 debut CD 'a day late, a dollar short'.

1. Slick Bricks
2. Odd Man Rush
3. Eat More Pie


NEW: 2005-03-16 - Slammin Jack
Live the Sidetrack Cafe, Edmonton, AB

1. Eat More Pie
2. Migration > Slick Bricks
3. Clyde* - acoustic
4. Grateful Dawg** - acoustic
5. Bird Song*** - acoustic
6. Black Creek - acoustic/electric
7. Beaver
8. Lando
9. Back Where it all Begins****
10. Cloud Dr.

thanks for supporting live music





Lando - Studio DEMO Version 2002


* JJCale cover
** Garcia/Grisman cover
*** Grateful Dead Cover
**** Allman Brothers cover

All other songs copyright 2003 SOCAN.

Recorded and transferred by Sidetrack Sound Tech
(I'll get the specs ASAP... but great sound quality)




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